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This is the particular physical training methods or the special basic foundation of Phakwondo.  These comprise:
External-force:  This is the training method based on special tools in order to increase the capability of the feat of arms such as force, quickness, firmness, flexibility, closeness, etc. the typical things are the use of the tools called ‘Thach toa’ (Reinforcement), ‘Moc nhan’ (Increasing conflicting force and firmness to the limbs), ‘Thiet tuyen’ (Increasing internal force), ‘Bao cat’ (Increasing uninterrupted postures), ‘Cau’ (Quickness and precision), “Truc lam thung’ (Precise posture distribution), ‘Thien dia thung’ (Distributing conflicitng force), ‘Mai hoa thung’ (Drilling advance posture), etc.
-Co cong: Practice using the tools in order to develop the intrinsic capability of the muscles.
-Can cong: Practice using the tools in order to develop the intrinsic capability of the tendons
-Cot cong:   Practice using the tools in order to develop the intrinsic capability of the bones.
-Dai cong:  Lasting practice of the only one kungfu, a masterpiece kungfu such as Thiet sa chuong (Steel-firm hands), Steel-firm and pointed fingers (Thiet bo sam), Thach dau cong (Head-first attack), etc.
            Internal-force:  Exploiting and applying the intrinsic internal force of the body through special methods aiming to control the tendons, muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, vitality, etc.
-Respiratory trainging:   Clearing the blood vessels and controlling breath, heart beating speed, vitality, blood circulation, etc.
-Willingness training:  Practice of the awareness of one’s body, consciousness, mind, etc.
Mental training:   Practice of special abilities.
Responsive force in martial arts
Force is the strength of endurance of muscles like athletes can sustain weight.  Responsive force is the rush of muscles, tendons, bones, and vitality.  Typical examples of responsive force are:
- Muscular responsiveness:  shrinking, pushing, magic art to invulnerability (by flexing one’s muscles so hard under an incantation that no knife can cut into them) when fighting against movement (of the body in physical training).
- Mental responsiveness:  rebounding the joints, stretching out, and releasing them like the action of whipping, etc.
Note:  During the time of practising opening responsiveness, remember to keep the teeth firmly in contact to avoid deafening and headache.
When drilling responsiveness, it is a good idea to practice in such a way that your body acquires a sustaining force, for when you open responsiveness the blasting power may affect the blood vessels.  The trainee should drill the methods of reinforcement of the endurance of the body by the methods of intra-respiratory training.

Following is the introduction of some pictures of disciples of Phakwondo in their demonstration:


DAPBUNG.JPG (99882 bytes)

Applying the disciple’s intra-force to endure the beat of six bricks placed on two big knives – all these are placed on the disciple’s body


XECAN.JPG (127707 bytes)

Applying the disciple’s intra-force to endure a three-wheel-Vespa motorcycle with four riders on it, all running over the disciple

chiucay.jpg (46338 bytes)

Pushing forcefully a big stick into the disciple’s belly

XIECCO.JPG (110478 bytes)

Using body internal force to stand being squeezed
at the neck by two motorcycles


Applying the disciple’s body internal force to break a 3x5
wooden board when this board hits the disciple’s back

DAPDAU.JPG (83841 bytes)

Breaking the two bottoms of a heap of 5 bricks

when these are placed on the disciple’s head


DAMVAN.JPG (103514 bytes)

Breaking a wooden board

chiaba.JPG (110478 bytes)

Using body internal force to stand being pushed
by a turning three-branch fork


ODIEMTUA.JPG (70550 bytes)

Using the disciple’s hand to break the brick placed
on a sheet of paper without tearing the paper

dongtamduong.jpg (95957 bytes)

Phakwondo’s disciples are key elements in Dong Tam Sect which has been financially sponsored by Dongtam Company

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