Martial Art Ethics

1- The heart of belief:   Believing in the sect-believing, in the master-believing, in        uptightness
2- The heart of nobility:   High loyalty – High reproach – Sportsmanship
3- The heart of respect:   Respect to everybody
4- The heart of endurance:   The will to patience
5- The heart of uprightness:   Determinedly doing right things 


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Way here means path. Martial Art Ethics is the path through which disciples have to pass so that they may reach the peak of the study of Martial Arts.

            In reality, Martial Art Ethics has a very broad and lofty meaning, which results from the constant thought of those who are gnosticized (gnostic: relating to knowledge, esp. esoteric mystical knowledge) by the ethics of martial arts.

            While transmitting martial arts to their disciples, the masters always have the determination to give them the best things of martial arts. But, owing to the existing trend or conditions they cannot preach them fully.

            Today, I would like to present some impressions and feelings of mine relating to the ethics in the practice of martial arts.

            At the beginning of his course in martial arts, the disciple is first instructed (by his master) how to bow his head in salutation, the ways he should do in class, and methods of exercise and drilling.  Those are the ethics of martial arts, for the trainee has acquired what and how to live in a community with people of different ranks.  This is the same as the case you must know the traffic rules if you want to drive safely.  Likewise, when a new trainee who begins a martial art course, he is instructed how to stand firmly (this is the basic lesson for a new trainee).  This gives the trainee both a physical and mental lesson known as the lesson of concentration, calmness and patience.  It depends on the trainee’s spirit of cognitive of learning and practicing.

            Once having acquired the basic level, the disciple should understand the movements of the study of martial art which are the principles formed from martial arts.  Among those principles are the principle of The theory of movements which is typically the principle of Yin-Yang Extremes which has been included in martial arts; firmness and flexibility in martial arts are shown most clearly and also are clearly discerned in the treatment of life.  Or the universe five basic elements are clearly distinguished, which element is helping or contradictory to other elements i martial arts and in life.

When our spiritual status shows indifference, we have no worries or obsessions, our willingness and vitality become more active like in an easy thought.  In such a state, our impetus becomes strong and swift like a cat’s impetus assaulting a rat, or in serenity of a mountain, moving like a waterfall, like in the position of a bow in its extended posture, plunging like an arrow, as stable as a marble plate, advancing and retreating like movements, from extremely flexible to extremely firm, etc.  Often respiration can lead to activeness; also the air is preserved and becomes harmless.  The heart is like an order, air like an engine, and waist like the flag of a commanding officer  -  the front needs to be developed, and the rear needs to be urgent, both in quickness and closely secretiveness


  • First, learn politeness, next martial arts
  • Literature should be often reviewed, martial arts should be regularly practiced (‘Practice makes perfect’)
  • Learn the art lessons thoroughly -  Learn the willingness in the boxing and chilblain
  • Use no kicks in boxing; use no boxing in attacks
  • Literature without martial art will become feebleness; martial art without literature will become cruelty.
  • Man’s duty should include “Humaneness – Faithfulness – Politeness – Intelligence – Trust”
  • Cool-headed is the characteristic of a lofty person
  • Patience is the boldness of a Saint
  • Whatever you do, think of its effects
  • Your life should include Trust and Faithfulness if you want to succeed
  • A wise man looks for food; an idiot looks for troubles
  • Knowing how to study, how to localize, how to orient, and how to plan  -  these are the characteristics of a talented person
  • If you show respect to other people, you will have this in return
  • If you have books but you don’t learn anything from them, you will become illiterate for life
  • If you just know the ethics of man but you don’t apply it to your life, your life will become meaningless
  • Study things deeply, ask questions deliberately, and think really clearly
  • If a course is not imparted thoroughly, it is the master’s fault; if a learner is not successful at the end of that course, it is his fault
  • Learn the ethics of martial arts, don’t learn quarrels
  • Drill the real art of fighting, don’t drill its appearance
  • You may be successful only when you try so hard
  • The sage are often outdone by others
  • He who is a teacher for just a day, can be regarded as a father for ages
  • Only through hardship can we know who is truthful; likewise, only through time can we know who is loyal
  • Health is more precious than gold
  • Virtue is the health of man’s soul
  • Intrepidity to death is just man’s pinpricks; patience is the boldness of a Saint
  • Unity gives strength  -  Collective is the point from which force is created
  • Orderly, tidy, and clean, all these reflect the characteristics of an adult



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