Medical ethics of martial art disciples


            During the course of existence, human beings have formed various methods of saving them from diseases.  From long ago, our forefathers have found and applied Eastern Medicine aiming to heighten and improve their health status more and more.  From this, the medicine for vitality preservation is formed.
            Medical ethics of martial art disciples are the methods by which the disciple’s body becomes perfect from their muscles, tendons, skin, blood vessels, vitality, which aims at giving them a perfect health, medical arts and martial arts through the following methods:
Five universe basic element respiratory training (Ngu Hanh Khi Cong)    
            Five basic universe element respiratory training is the method that applies breath in order to agitate the five innards through the five actions relating to the innards.  In our daily life, we seldom make our innards agitate while we know that thanks to the vitality of the innards that our health is maintained.  Accordingly, if we know how to create the vitality from our innards our health will be much better.
            When we do heavy work, we have to use our force.  But when our six internal organs as well as our five innards are harmful, we cannot perform anything, which is due to our lack of intra- force resulting from our body’s failure of creating vitality.  Or the case when we use our force to pull something, we have to use our muscles; as a result, our five innards will receive a great pressure.  If we do not know how to do physical exercises properly, our innards will become weak, and our vitality will not be improved.

Interpretation of five universe basic element respiratory training
Method of vitality preservation in ‘INTERNAL CIRCULATION’
Mental maintenance
Adaptability of climatic conditions
Body physical training
Regulation of eating, drinking and activities
Martial arts medical ethics can help solve almost all the requirements of regulatory training
Causes of illness in Eastern Medicine
Outer causes:   due to miasma enters body when main vitality declines
Inner-causes:   due to mental frustration leading to harm the functions of innards
Neither inner nor outer causes:   due to trauma, poison from food and activities. etc.
Vitality preservation martial art medical has the ability to strengthen the main vitality and help the circulation of blood vessels in order to nurture viscera

Three agents that affect human beings.
Sky (environment) has six conditions:
Wind, Cold, Heat, Rheumatism, Constipation, Fire
Earth (in eating) has five tastes:
Hardship, Acid, Sweetness, Endurance, Acrid
Man (the seven human emotions) has psychological conditions:

Martial art medicine foundation
The basic foundation of martial art medicine is respiratory training.  Having respiratory ability can improve main body vitality.  This  is thanks to the effects of gases and movements on the mental system, which will in turn develop, push up the activities of the blood and aim to increase the development ability of body functions.

Foundation of Eastern Medicine applied in Martial art Medicine is:
The theory of Yin-Yang
The theory of the Five basic elements of the universe
The theory of viscera and formation
The theory of inner-body circulation

Yin-Yang in martial art medicine
Martial art medicine is the method of training aiming to affect the body functions via the Yin-Yang and Five universe basic elements systems.

            Yin-Yang in our body has a system of a combination of air and blood.  Air stream is the system of mechanical ability of activities [Yang # operational system # nerves] and Blood is the material nourishing system [Yin # mucous substance]. Martial art medicine mainly affects the nervous system aiming to clear the material nutritious system in order to completely supply and strengthen the body functions.

How Yin-Yang is applied to martial art medicine
In various exercise forms such as:

  • Bending  -  Extending
  • Inhale  -  Exhale
  • Excitement  -  Control
  • Air stream  -  Blood
  • Quick  -  Slow
  • Movement  -  Calm
  • Increase  -  Decrease
  • Open  -  Combination

System of acupuncture spots in the body
System of acupuncture in the body is a passage of vitality in a continually mutual circulation.  Way is a passage which can reach anywhere, system is an interlacing network which connects the separate parts into one.
The system of acupuncture in the body has 12 in number, 8 extraordinary passages, 15 separate systems, 12 separate ways, 12 balanced passages, 385 systems and various sub-systems.











Distribution of the system of acupuncture in the body

Characteristics of martial art medicine
12 systems of acupuncture in the body:   continual movement  in order to clear the systems

  • Viscera:   air stream and movements affect viscera
  • Aptitude opening:   sound to excite the functions
  • Sentiments:   the sentimental organs to develop the functions
  • The basis “WILLINGNESS”:   is based on the human defensive reactions against illnesses

            The basis “WILLINGNESS”:   is based on the human defensive reactions against illnesses


  • The universe key element              =          metal 
  • Innards                                              =          lungs
  • Lower innards                                  =          large intestine
  • Hand method                                    =          nails
  • Sentiment                                          =          grief
  • Shape                                                            =          round
  • Sound                                                            =          lament
  • Taste                                                  =          nose
  • Body                                                   =          covering hair
  • System of body acupuncture         =          Left-hand lung
  • Way relationship                              =          Lower left-hand spleen & Taste


            Metal represents the respiratory system of the body and receive oxygen, which is the system comprising the lungs and large intestine:

  • Metal :  Characteristic = attracting;   round shape [symbol of nails]

-Martial art medicine:   Movements of nails working together with emotions take in air from the atmosphere from the sky and the earth

  • Passage of the temple & the sun

-Martial art medicine:   The position of the body during which the atmosphere is being taken in [affecting the lungs] circulating the blood vessels. 

  • The function of the capillary and skin hair:   It has the function of participating in the circulation of the blood vessels and circulating the air throughout the body [skin hair]

-Martial art medicine:   This position is applied to take air into the lungs and let it circulate the whole body and blood vessels

  • The function of the nose:   It is the front gate of the lungs

-Martial art medicine:   Use the sound of the nose to affect the nerve system, the area of the sinus, etc.


  • Left-hand temple & Large intestine
  • Nails [Absorbing]
  • Shape:   Round
  • Grief
  • Nose
  • Skin hair
  • Lament [Sighs]
  • Foot spleen temple & taste




  • The Five Universe Key Element:   WATER
  • Innards                      =          Kidneys
  • Affected area                        =          Bladder
  • Hand method            =          Pointing
  • Mentality                    =          Fear
  • Shape                                    =          Wavy [Rising tone]
  • Sound                                    =          Moaning
  • Sense                                    =          Ear
  • Body                           =          Marrow bone
  • System of body acupuncture =  Foot lacking-negative, Kidneys & Excessive-positive,


  • Relationship               =          Head excessive-positive, Small intestine & Lacking-negative,  Heart

Water represents human’s physiological system which is the system of Kidney-Bladder:

  • Water :  Characteristics = Receiving;  Form: = Wave  [Manifestation : A pointing hand]

- Martial art medicine:   with fixed feelings, vital force concentration

  • Foot lacking-negative  & excessive-positive

- Martial art medicine:  with the posture of ‘one foot fixed in order to incessantly exchange blood vessels’

  • Kidneys yield bone marrow, having the characteristic of receiving:   having the function of receiving sperm

- Martial art medicine:   Sperm acts upon kidneys and bladder by trembling (fear)

  • Kidneys try to open their way to ears, giving a double sound

- Martial art medicine:   Using sound to shake ear areas, ear glands

Water characteristics

  • Of the five universe key metals     =          water
  • Innards          =          Kidney
  • Viscera (Affected area)       =          Bladder
  • Hand method=         Pointing
  • Mentality        =          Fear
  • Shape                        =          Wavy (Rising tone)
  • Sound                        =          Moaning
  • Influence:      =          Ear
  • Body               =          Marrow bone
  • System of body acupuncture         =  Foot lacking-negative, Kidneys & Excessive-positive, Bladder
  • Relationship  =          Head excessive-positive, Small intestine & Lacking-negative,  Heart





  • Belonging to universe key element    =   Wood
  • Innards                      =          Liver
  • Affected area                        =          Middle area
  • Hand method            =          Hand
  • Mentality                    =          Anger
  • Shape                                    =          Trapezium
  • Sound                                    =          Shouting
  • Influence                   =          Eyes
  • Body                           =          Tendon
  • System of body acupuncture = Foot decisive-negative, Liver & lacking-positive, Middle area
  • Relationship             =          Head decisive-negative, Heart & Lacking-negative, the Three Digestive organs

Wood represents movement system of the body, which is the system LIVER-MIDDLE AREA:

  • WOOD:   Characteristics:   Living;   Form:   Trapezium [Sign:   Pointing hand]

- Martial art medicine:   Feeling of development, affluent

  • Foot Way Decisive Negative & Lacking-positive

- Martial art medicine : In the position of turning from inside to outside making the relation of blood vessels [like a tree moves in the wind]

  • Increasing blood to the liver : supplying blood to the need of the air organs

- Martial art medicine : air acts upon the liver by screaming

  • Liver starts its taste at the eyes

      - Martial art medicibe :  Using sound to shake eye areas and tear glands


Wood  in boxing art

  • Belonging to the five universe basic element = Wood
  • Innards                      =          Liver                          
  • Affected area                        =          Belly
  • Hand method            =          Hand
  • Mentality                    =          Anger
  • Shape                                    =          Trapezium, Rectangle
  • Sound                                    =          Screaming    
  • Influence                   =          Eyes
  • Body                           =        Tendon           
  • System of body acupuncture   =   Foot decisive-negative, Liver & lacking-positive, Middle area
  • Relationship             =       Head decisive-negative, Heart & Lacking-negative, the Three Digestive organs




  • Belonging to universe key element          =          Fire
  • Innards          =          Heart
  • Affected area            =          Intestine
  • Hand method=         Elbow
  • Mentality        =          Happiness
  • Shape                        =          Triangle
  • Sound                        =          Laughing
  • Influence       =          Passage
  • Body               =          Tendon
  • System of body acupuncture         =          Hand lacking-negative, Heart & excessive-positive, Intestine
  • Relationship =          Hand excessive-positive, Bladder & Lacking-negative, Kidneys

Fire represents the human’s control system [nerves system] which is the system of Head – Intestines; Heart area – the Three Digestive organs

    • Fire :   Characteristic:  Major;  Form: triangle [Sign:  elbow]

- Martial art medicine:   feeling of deliberation, high spirits

    • Lacking-negative head passage & Excessive-positive; Determination – Lacking-positive

- Martial art medicine:   movement of opening in order to combine the body’s blood vessels

    • Heart has the basic meaning of quick-minded and clear headed, blood vessels:  All these characteristics control viscera, blood vessels, etc.

- Martial art medicine:   Air and movements act upon heart area

    • Heart begins its taste at the tongue

- Martial art medicine:   Using sound and movements to act upon the tongue area and heart
Fire in martial arts

    • Belonging to the five universe key element       =          Fire
    • Innards                                                                      =          Heart
    • Affected area                                                                        =          Intestines
    • Hand method                                                            =          Elbow
    • Sentiment                                                                  =          Happy
    • Shape                                                                                    =          Triangle
    • Sound                                                                                    =          Laughing
    • Taste                                                                          =          Tongue
    • Physical                                                                     =          Passage
    • System of body acupuncture                                 =          Foot Excessive-negative Heart & Excessive-positive Intestine
    • Relationship                                                             =          Foot excessive-positive Bladder & Lacking-negative Kidneys



  • Universe key element                                 =          Earth
  • Innards                                                          =          Spleen
  • Affected area                                                            =          Taste
  • Hand method                                                =          Boxing art
  • Sentiment                                                      =          Worry
  • Shape                                                                        =          Square
  • Sound                                                                        =          Singing
  • Taste                                                              =          Mouth
  • Body                                                               =          Tendon
  • System of body acupuncture                     =          Foot Lacking-negative Spleen & Taste
  • Relationship                                                 =          Heart Excessive-negative Head &            Large intestin

Earth represents the body’s digestive system which is known as the system of Spleen – Taste

  • Earth has the characteristic of fire;  Shape: square [Sign:   Boxing hand]

-Martial art medicine:   harmonious feeling, feeling at ease         

  • Foot Lacking-negative passage & clearness

-Martial art medicine:   firm posture; developing blood vessels

  • “Spleen basically means movement of blood passage” :   Transportation of food, regulating blood passage

-Martial art medicine:   Air and movements act upon spleen and taste area

  • Spleen starts its taste at mouth

-Martial art medicine:   Using sound to affect mouth area and saliva glands

Earth in boxing art

  • Belong to the universe key element                     =          Earth
  • Innards                                                                      =          Spleen
  • Affected area                                                                        =          Taste             
  • Hand method                                                            =          Boxing art Head
  • Sentiment                                                                  =          Worry
  • Shape                                                                                    =          Square
  • Sound                                                                                    =          Singing
  • Taste                                                                          =          Mouth
  • Body                                                                           =          Muscular meat
  • System of body acupuncture                                 =          Foot Excessive-negative Spleen & Taste
  • Relationship                                                             =          Head Excessive-Lung & Large                                                                                                     intestine

The universe five basic elements in movement
In the martial art movements and physical exercises, vitality preservation characteristics are involved.  This is the result of the movements which affect the system of body acupuncture and viscera.  If we know how to apply the universe five basic elements to the movements, our health effects will increase.

            In the movements there are five stages which are as follows

  • The movements starting from the waist “Breeding Wood”
  • Developing the movements “Major Fire”
  • Transforming the movements “Transforming Earth”
  • Taking back the movements “Retrieving Metal”
  • Keeping the movements “Keeping Water”

One’s-liking Kung fu
One’s-liking Kung fu is a special mode of martial art of Phakwondo which man has collected and formed from his experience through ages.  This Kung fu has been developed through secret transmissions from higher levels, not having been disseminated, to only orthodox disciples and family members.  It has been transmitted with strange and extraordinary exercises, and the trainee must have practiced it with much labor and time spent on it and with his profound heart together with the marvel of Nature and of Human Beings.
This One’s-liking Kung Fu has been formed which is based on the principles of antagonistic contradiction between man’s body and Nature (Man-Nature Contradiction).  As we knows, human body has reactions against weather conditions, illnesses  -  against natural phenomena.   Those reactions are man’s resistance aiming to increase his force against nature and illnesses, which finally create activities, reactions and substances for man when he faces these conditions.
As we know, when our body contacts cool air, it shows the reaction with trembling.  This is our resistance force against the cool.  If we know how to exploit such resistance, or train it, we will surely increase the resistance force for our body and therefore our health and strength will improve.  Otherwise, if we do not exercise properly, it will result in bringing harm to our body’s blood vessels.  In addition, there are methods of psychophysiologic movements, such as practice of reactions of Smiling-Sad-Worry-Angry [in Eastern Medicine, these are causes of such diseases as anger which harms the liver, etc.] or the actions like yawning, glowering, screaming, etc.

            One’s like Kung Fu has four parts:
- Kung Fu Gathering: Focus intention on acupuncture spots
- Kung Fu Development: Clearance of the blood vessels
- Kung Fu Returning: Bringing the body’s system and ots blood vessels
- Kung Fu Opening: Opening the mental and intention
One’s-liking Kung Fu motivated the elements as well as the principles of the body in order to create what is now called the modern One’s-liking Kung Fu which Master DO Phi Long has disseminated to his disciples.

Flying Dragon entering the waves against the Whale
This is the boxing lesson helping the movement of vitality, which coordinates body-hands-posture together and uses the technique called firmness-flexibility retained in the martial art named ‘Using intention, Air, and Spirit combined in movements’



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